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《TEM 8 新编高等院校英语专业八级考试指南》一书提供的十套样题(含全真题与模拟题两类),其中汉译英部分没有提供参考译文。下面是北京的一位从事英语专业八级考试辅导老师在授课时现场快速翻译出来的参考译文,现提供给准备参考TEM8的同学。

《TEM 8 新编高等院校英语专业八级考试指南》一书提供的十套样题(含全真题与模拟题两类),其中汉译英部分没有提供参考译文。下面是北京的一位从事英语专业八级考试辅导老师在授课时现场快速翻译出来的参考译文,现提供给准备参考TEM8的同学。(翻译部分,原书P. 105-106)

Section A: Translate the following underlined part of the Chinese text into English
(原 文)
  On February 2, 1997, our delegation checked into the ZhongXin Hotel by the side of the Riyuetai Lake. It was already 3 o'clock early the next morning by the time I saw off the last group of guests. For a long time, I could not fall asleep, even though I was comfortably lying in the bed. Putting on my clothes again, I got off the bed and walked to the window. Extending my eyes into the distance through the window, I was greeted by the view of the surrounding mountains and hills shrouded in layered greenness and the silvery flickering of waves scuttling across the surface of the Pool. Looking at the sole naturally-formed picturesque lake in Taiwan, I felt an infinite train of thoughts passing through my mind … …
  The current visit to Taiwan for exchange, brief and cursory as it is, has enabled us to see many places, to visit old friends while making new acquaintances. Whenever people gather together, an important topic of discussion has been how the Chinese nation can become prosperous and powerful in the 21st century. Although the young people on the Mainland and in Taiwan live in different social contexts (environments / milieus), with their individually different experiences of life, in the innermost recesses of their hearts are wrought an indelible mark by the fine traditions of the Chinese culture. They all cherish the same ideal to rejuvenate the Chinese nation (They share the same ideal to rejuvenate the Chinese nation). In this great epoch at the turn of the century, our motherland is developing toward greater prosperity and powerfulness. People across the Taiwan Straits are bound to strengthen their exchanges and will mutually promote the earliest possible achievement of the great cause of reunification of the motherland. The precious opportunities and the tremendous challenges at the turn of the century have pushed the young people to the foreground (forefront) of the historical arena (stage). At this transitional phase between the two millennia, in what way the young generation should embrace the forthcoming new century replete with hopes is a question to which we have to seek an answer.
  In the Riyuetai Lake, the waves across the lake surface have by now all vanished. Enveloped in utter tranquility, the Lake has joined me in deep thoughts … …

Section B: Translate the following underlined part of the English text into Chinese
(原 文)
  I agree to some extent with my imaginary English reader. American literary historians are perhaps prone to view their own national scene too narrowly, mistaking prominence for uniqueness. They do over-phrase their own literature, or certainly its minor figures. And Americans do swing from aggressive overphrase of their literature to an equally unfortunate, imitative deference. But then, the English themselves are somewhat insular in their literary appraisals. Moreover, in fields where they are not pre-eminent - e.g. in painting and music -they too alternate between boasting of native products and copying those of the Continent. How many English paintings try to look as though they were done in Paris; how many times have we read in articles that they really represent an "English tradition" after all.
  To speak of American literature, then, is not to assert that it is completely unlike that of Europe. Broadly speaking, America and Europe have kept step. At any given moment the traveler could find examples in both of the same architecture, the same styles in dress, the same books on the shelves. Ideas have crossed the Atlantic as freely as men and merchandise, though sometimes more slowly. When I refer to American habit, thoughts, etc., I intend some sort of qualification to precede the word, for frequently the difference between America and Europe (especially England) will be one of degree, sometimes only of a small degree. The amount of divergence is a subtle affair, liable to perplex the Englishman when he looks at America. He is looking at a country which in important senses grew out of his own, which in several ways still resembles his own - and which is yet a foreign country. There are odd overlappings and abrupt unfamiliarities; kinship yields to a sudden alienation, as when we hail a person across the street, only to discover from his blank response that we have mistaken a stranger for a friend.

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